Program 2018

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DAY 1, JUNE 13th

08:30 Registration of attendees

9:00-9:15 Welcome and presentation.

Jordi Portabella, Director of Scientific Outreach Area and CosmoCaixa, David Álvarez, Executive Director of Ecoacsa, and Elvira Carles, Director of Fundación Empresa y Clima

9:15 “Natural Capital Dialogues” 

Humberto Delgado Rosa, Director for Natural Capital, DG Environment, European Commission.

Moderator: David Álvarez

The work that institutions are carrying out is critical to consolidate the progress of the different trends. The Director for Natural Capital of the DG for Environment of the European Commission will detail the work that is being done in this field with initiatives such as the Business @ Biodiversity platform, the KIP INCA project and work-related lines developed by other DG such as the High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance (HLEG).

10:00 Breakfast

10:30 Business discussion panel

— Calidad Pascual – Rubén García, Head of Agricultural Procurement Management and Environmental Systems

— Ferrovial – Valentín Alfaya, H&S,Q&E Director

— Gas Natural Fenosa – Ibán Chico, Deputy Director of Environment and Quality Assurance 

— Red Eléctrica de España – Diego Fernández, Environmental Technician in the Northeast Delegation

Moderator: Elvira Carles

12:00 Case study 1. “Natural Capital at country level. The Netherlands Government” Caroline Van Leenders, Senior Process Manager Sustainable Transitions.

Moderator: David Álvarez

The pace at which countries are adapting and transforming to global challenges is uneven. Some nations are making significant progress in implementing policies, incentives and tools for the conservation and improvement of Natural Capital. One of the countries that has gained a prominent position on this podium is the Netherlands. In this session, a government commissioner from the Netherlands will show attendees the work they are developing, the challenges and problems that they have encountered and the next steps. Through first-hand knowledge of the work neighbouring countries are undertaking will help us shape the work to adjust to the new scenarios to come. 

13:00 “Natural Capital Factory” – “Fundación Empresa y Clima”

David Álvarez – Elvira Carles

13:30 Lunch

15:00 Workshops on case studies at corporate level (English)-α Conference Room (*) 

 “Case studies”

— LafargeHolcim – Antonio Carrillo, Head Sustainability Performance and Tools

— Institute LIFE – Fernanda Toledo, Regional Lead 

“Case studies at project level” (Spanish) – β Conference Room

— Gas Natural Fenosa – María Mangas, Head of Sustainable Development and Biodiversity 

— Red Eléctrica de España –  Diego Fernández, Environmental Technician in the Northeast Delegation

16:30 Presentation of the workshops´ conclusions – Agora Conference Room

Through a workshop format, we will work simultaneously on two case studies -from a corporate perspective and at project level- about the most Natural Capital current issues: biodiversity, water, finance sector…

Each workshop will present a case study and then a dynamics of work related to each case study will be developed. In this respect, participants will have the opportunity to learn first-hand the intricacies of each example, in order to apply them in the future in their own organisations.

In this session there will not be available live translation Spanish-English.

17:00 First day closing session

20:30 Dinner with organizers, partners and speakers at Pomarada Restaurant, Passeig de Gràcia, 78, Barcelona (*)

DAY 2, JUNE 14th

08:30 Reception of attendees

09:00 “Natural Capital Dialogues”

Marta Subirá, Secretary for Environment of Catalonia

Moderator: Amanda del Río, Technical Director of Fundación Global Nature

10:00 Business discussion panel

— Asia Pulp & Paper – Dr Liz Wilks, European Director of Sustainability and Stakeholder Outreach

— CaixaBank – Sandra González, Responsible Banking Manager

— Coca-Cola – Ulrike Sapiro, Senior Director Water Stewardship & Sustainable Agriculture 

— LafargeHolcim – Vicente Pedro, Director of Montcada Plant

— Generalitat de Cataluña / ACER – Montserrat López, Biologist for the Department of Territory and Sustainability / Founding Partner

Moderator: Elvira Carles


11:30 Breakfast

12:00 Keynote speech. “Natural capital at a global scale. Progress and challenges”

Marta Santamaría, Policy Director of the Natural Capital Coalition

Moderator: David Álvarez

Natural Capital movement is gaining momentum within business sector. In fact, natural capital is booming. Marta, international expert and Technical Director of the Natural Capital Coalition -one of the most important international organisations developing initiatives related to natural capital- will update our knowledge about natural capital approaches and state-of-the-art, what further steps to be taken and to what extent regional platforms are developed. 

12:30 “Natural Capital valuation online tool. Generation of economic case studies database on ecosystem services valuation”

Fernando Rodríguez, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Applied Economics at University of Salamanca

13:00 Final conclusions 

Antonio Cerrillo, environmental journalist of La Vanguardia

13:30 Closing plenary

14:00 Lunch

15:00 Visit to Turó de Montcada restored quarry

The restoration carried out in Turó de Montcada is an example of the enhancement of the natural capital approach, not only due to the positive aspects related to biodiversity but also related to social matters that the work developed by LafargeHolcim has enhanced since the restoration process started.   

Turó de Montcada, situated in Montcada i Reixac, is an flagship site since historical times. It is located in the middle of the densely populated area of Barcelona. This site is storehouse of unique biodiversity and has a land stewardship agreement which enabled a public participation process for which site management plan was developed.

This case is a good reference of collaborative governance for the development of a natural protected area management, conservation and dissemination. 

After the visit, all those attending will be transported to the place of departure in CosmoCaixa (Barcelona).


— The event will have live translation Spanish-English.

— (*) PLEASE INDICATE IF YOU ARE INTERESTING IN ATTENDING THE DINNER WHEN YOU REGISTER to the event or send us an email to including your exact name and ID to issue the corresponding invoice. The cost of the dinner is 55 €. The payment should be done one week before the start of the event in the following account:

Fundación Empresa y Clima
IBAN ES49 2100 0832 6502 0060 0865 BIC / SWIFT Code: CAIXESBBXXX

The visit to Turó de Montcada restored quarry is limited to a number of attendees. PLEASE INDICATE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING IN THE VISIT when you register to the event or send us an email to







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